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Preventing Weeds In Your Yard: What You Can Do

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A beautiful lush, green, grassy yard can make your home look gorgeous, but if you see more crab grass, clover, dandelions and other weeds rather than green grass, you have a weed problem. To get rid of the weeds and to get the green grass you want, read on for helpful tips.

Mow Your Lawn High

When you mow your lawn, you may think it's best to mow it low so you don't have to mow it as often, but this will only invite weeds to grow in. Keep your lawn mowed high instead, and mow it when needed instead. Keeping it mowed high will help block the sun out, which can hinder weed growth. 

Sharpen Your Mower Blades

To keep your grass healthy, sharpen your mower blades. This will help cut the grass properly rather than tearing the grass. If your grass isn't cut properly it can kill your blades of grass and open it up for weeds to grow in. Take your blades in to a professional to be sharpened at least once per season.

Use Weed Killer

Use weed and feed to both kill your weeds and to keep your grass growing in hardily. You can find weed and feed at your local hardware or landscape supply store. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the package for use. Over-doing it with weed and feed can actually damage your grass, so follow the instructions properly.

Use Fertilizer

After using weed and feed and after getting rid of the weeds in your yard, use fertilizer on your grass to keep your grass healthy. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to prevent killing off areas of your grass. Use a seed spreader to spread the fertilizer, and wet the grass/fertilizer as instructed.

Water Your Grass

You need to keep your grass watered. If you allow your grass to dry out, it can kill off the grass and will allow weeds to grow in its place. Install a sprinkler system, or get outside with your garden hose and sprinkler to water your lawn. Pay special attention if you haven't had rain in awhile, or have had really hot and sunny weather. Water in the early evening or early in the morning before the sun comes up.

Pull Out Weeds

If you spot a weed here and there in your grass, pull it out by the roots. You may find one or two here and there, which can be pulled out. If you have a lot of weeds again in your yard, you need to repeat the weed and feed process, and be sure you are watering your grass as necessary. 

If you have weeds in your yard, your yard may look a bit unsightly. Get rid of the weeds by following the tips above. If you are having problems getting rid of your weeds, hire a professional to help you with your weed issue. Visit a site like https://www.snydersweedcontrol.com/ for more help.