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Important Reasons to Control Pest Outbreaks Before Summer

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After the ground begins to thaw and the buds begin to form on plants and trees, spring and summer is just around the corner. Keep in mind that along with the gorgeous temperatures comes the return of pests that can invade yard space and sometimes the inside of your home. Contacting a pest control specialist in the New Jersey area will help you avoid a potential problem before it spirals out of control. Here are some troublesome pests and why it's important to eliminate them now rather than later.

Flying Insect Health Risks

In the spring, flying insects, including house flies, will likely begin to invade your backyard. If they start to become a major problem—to the point where they're abundant indoors as well, it's time to call in a pro. House fly populations can quickly grow out of control due to moisture issues and nearby waste. Flies are known to carry more than 100 pathogens that contribute to disease and illness amongst humans and animals. Not only can they make you sick through their fecal matter, they can be a complete nuisance. If flies are a problem around your property, ask a pest control specialist to chemically treat the perimeter of your home to cut down on the infestation.

Wood Loving Pests And Structural Damage

Many insects appear in high numbers during the spring and early summer months, especially termites. A termite problem can quickly spread out of control and cause a complete deterioration of your home's foundation and structure. Termites feed on cellulose-based plant material, meaning that they consume wood and other materials already found in your home. Out of all of the species of termites, the Subterranean group tends to be the most destructive. Eradicate the problem by eliminating moisture issues and rotten wood around your home. A pest control specialist will determine how much damage the termites have already done to the structure of your home and the surrounding soil. Treatment consists of liquid elimination in addition to setting up bait stations to help destroy the termites.

Cockroaches And Allergies

Cockroaches love warm temperatures and their population can really boom in the spring. There are over 4,500 species of the cockroach, according to the Smithsonian. Common cockroaches that invade and overpopulate homes include:

  • Australian
  • Oriental
  • American
  • German

Cockroaches love sweet, food scraps found near food storage, but as they overtake your home, they can be found almost anywhere—including your basement, bedroom and bathroom. Eliminate them quickly because they may carry allergens that can trigger an allergic response, especially if you or a family member already have asthma or allergies. Eradicating them before the weather gets hot can help you get the upper hand on an infestation and improve your health.

Skin Irritating Bug Bites

Bed bugs start their invasion by hitching a ride on the clothing, luggage or furniture of their potential human host. If you've noticed a lot of itchy bites when you awake in the morning, or you've seen a bug in the seams of your mattress, call in a pest specialist right away. Prolonged exposure to bed bug bites can lead to dermatitis and significant emotional distress. Bed bugs thrive in spring-like temperatures, so it's the best time to have your home sprayed for bedbugs to hopefully eradicate them for good.

Pests can do more than become a nuisance, they can take over your home and affect your health negatively. Calling in a pest control specialist will help control the problem and allow you to rest easy.