Home Ownership Basics: Tips For Making Your House A Home

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5 Factors That Impact Your Flooring Selection

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Upgrading your flooring can give your home a facelift, but you want to ensure you make the right choice when it comes to materials and style. 1. Traffic Level Consider the traffic patterns through your home when selecting a flooring option. In areas with minimal traffic, a light color carpet may be just the thing, while in higher traffic areas, a sturdy dark-patterned carpet or hard flooring may be a better choice. Read More»

How To Properly Lay Mulch In Your Yard

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Mulch gives your yard and your garden beds that little extra that you’ve been looking for. Mulch can add definition to your yard and can offer some decorative elements as well. If you have a beautiful yard but are just looking to add something more, you should consider adding garden beds to your yard or around your trees that are filled with mulch. Adding mulch needs to be done properly though, in order to prevent weeds from taking over and to lengthen the life of your mulch as well. Read More»

Three Tips For Giving Your Miami Dining Room A Unique Coastal Look

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Living in Miami gives you the perfect excuse to give your home a coastal theme. Adding this touch to your dining room can make the space feel more open and airy while matching the unique climate of your neighborhood. As you visit furniture stores and showrooms in your area, keep the following tips and ideas in mind to create your ultimate coastal dining room. Go For Light Tones When choosing the table and chairs for your dining room, consider light tones instead of darker wood finishes. Read More»

Three Benefits Of Buying A Shoe Storage Cabinet

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Homeowners typically have several different pieces of furniture in their living room, dining room, and bedrooms, but it’s useful to consider what pieces can be valuable in other areas of the home. If you’re shopping for furniture that you’ll use around your front door, one option to consider is a shoe storage cabinet. You can place this type of furniture inside of a closet adjacent to the door or against the wall, depending on its size and design. Read More»