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New House With Bad Tasting Water? What To Do

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If you've moved into a house and it has well water, and you've never had well water and so far you aren't a fan, you'll want to look into getting different types of water treatment options. The water in your home can be bad if the filter hasn't been changed in a long time, if the softening system is outdated, or if the well has something wrong with it. To get to the bottom of your water problems and to find out why you don't enjoy it, then you may want to do these things.

Test the Water Supply

You want to test the water but from different areas in the house. The water that comes from the main water line can be affected by the appliances and the pipes in your home. Test the water in the following areas:

  • Right from the main water source
  • Out of the faucets
  • Water into the washing machine
  • Water from the refrigerator

Just because the water is fine in one area, that doesn't mean it doesn't get polluted through old pipes or appliances in another area.

Inspect the Well

Have the well inspected by a team of professionals so you can see if there are any obvious problems with the well. The well can be inspected with cameras and piping through the plumbing system, or it may need to be dug up to get a view of the inside.

Update the Softening System

The softening and purification system is what cleans the water coming into the house from the well. Get a new and updated system that reads the water as it comes through and tells you if the water is safe. If you know that the water is as it should be, and that the water is being treated, you'll feel more comfortable and confident drinking it.

You shouldn't drink the water if you think it tastes spoiled or foul. There could be hard minerals, lead, and other problems in the water. You'll need to meet with a water testing company to see what condition the water is in around the house, and to find out why it tastes so poorly. After you know what is wrong, you can get the well inspected and change out the softening system. This should make the water taste better, leave less residue, and it should improve the quality while it also makes the water safe.  

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