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5 Dos And Don'ts Of Decorating Your Home

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You flip through design magazines or watch a Youtube channel, and home decorating looks so easy. You buy the right home décor and place it in your house. Well, naturally, it's not that simple. If you want your home's interior to look professionally decorated, adhere to some design rules while you plan out your décor, such as:

Don't Choose a Too-Small Area Rug

You use area rugs to tie furniture arrangements together. However, if the rug is too small, it doesn't serve that purpose. Arrange your furniture in the desired configuration, and measure out how big the rug needs to be. All four legs of small pieces and at least the front legs of large pieces should fit onto the rug.

Don't Skimp on Curtain Size

Curtains are another area where you need the proper proportions. Obviously, you need the curtain panels to cover the window completely. However, you can also use the curtains to add a sense of drama to your room. For instance, you could hang the curtains just under the ceiling even if your windows aren't that tall. Another elegant effect comes in letting unstructured curtains pool at the floor like a ballgown.

Do Fill in Corners

You don't want your rooms to feel busy, but too much space can make your decorating look unfinished. Instead, you should find interesting pieces to fill up corners and other blank spaces. For instance, Good Housekeeping recommends adding an interesting floor lamp or an ottoman topped with a throw blanket. You could also fill spaces with oversized artwork propped against a wall.

Do Invest in Quality Items

There's nothing wrong with flea market finds. However, sometimes you need a single piece to tie a look together — and that could impact the wallet. If it's a piece that makes or breaks your decor, though, it's worth making the investment, be it a gorgeous side table or fascinating work of art. What's more, quality items tend to last longer, so you should only have to make the investment once.

Do Use Throw Pillows for Visual Interest

Throw pillows are a great way to add pops of color and even pattern to your décor. Throw pillows work best when you're working within a set color scheme, though all the colors in a pattern don't have to conform to the scheme. Likewise, use the different pillow shapes available to add an additional layer of visual interest to your décor.

Get magazine-worthy room décor by adhering to a few design principals. Contact a company that will let you buy home decor items online for more information and assistance.