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Renovating Your Kitchen? 5 Reasons To Choose Natural Wood Over White

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If you're hoping to remodel your kitchen, you might be poring over Pinterest and magazines for ideas of new styles to try. Taking out dated decor, old countertops, and bland tiles and replacing them with something fresh and new can be a great experience. However, one modern trend is to paint wooden cabinets white or to order white cabinets instead of choosing natural wood.

White kitchens do have a clean, timeless look, but there are a few reasons why natural wood cabinets can be just as trendy and beautiful. With the right decor, stain, finish, and tile, wood cabinets can still be timeless. 

Here are five reasons why you might consider choosing natural wood cabinets over a trendy white kitchen.

1. Wood cabinets can last longer. 

A white finish on a cabinet door is subject to wear and tear. White paint can chip or scratch or yellow with age. White cabinets that are made with wood or MDF will eventually need to be repainted or refinished after a few years, or they will begin to look scruffy. When doors and cabinets bases are made from quality woods, you know the cabinets will last as long as your house (or even longer). Generally, you don't have to worry about refinishing these cabinets as long as you keep them clean and dry. 

2. Wood never really goes out of style.

While white (or grey or off-white) cabinets may seem all the rage now, kitchen trends come and they go. For example, gone are the days of the pink metal cabinets from the 50s or the harvest appliance colors from the 70s. White ages more gracefully, but it still ages, and following the trend will eventually show the age of your kitchen.

Wood cabinets, however, have been around since houses started being built. Original wood cabinets are selling points in historical homes. If you choose a wood with a beautiful grain like alder, cherry, oak, or hickory, and highlight it with a nice stain, you won't have to worry about replacing them 10 years down the road.

You might tear out flooring, tiles, and even countertops, but wood cabinets remain a lovely blank slate as they age, while adding texture and warmth to a room. 

3. You can match historical decor and finishes. 

If you have a home with beautiful woodwork, beams, staircases and other wooden nooks, you'll want your kitchen to stay true to the theme of the home. For example, a 1920s Craftsman house would not have painted white cabinets. Instead, the cabinets would be made from pine, maple, or oak to match the rest of the more natural decor of the home. White cabinets in a home where they do not fit the finish can stick out like a sore thumb.

4. Wood can hide grime and dirt more easily.

White gives the feeling of cleanliness—when it is clean. However, these cabinets also show every spill, scuff mark, and fingerprint. Your cabinets can also look dull or grimy with the accumulation of cooking grease. It takes fastidious care to keep white cabinets looking pristine, especially in a kitchen that sees a lot of use. Medium woods with more expressive grains, on the other hand, can look nice even when they do need a good cleaning. You won't feel like you're constantly battling dirt. 

5. Wood cabinets are often higher quality. 

Finally, wood cabinets can often be higher in quality. This isn't always true; many higher-end white cabinets are made with hardwoods and painted. However, some are made with particle board and they aren't painted—they are coated with a melamine plastic. These cabinets won't stand the test of time. 

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