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Water Softeners: Do You Need Them For Your Business?

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You'll find a water softener if you were to look at many homes in the US. Hard water is associated with many issues such as:

  • Degrading of plumbing

  • Staining of fixtures

  • High detergent consumption

However, many people are unsure whether the same need for water softeners also extends to commercial settings. Using softeners on a large scale is a significant expense for any business since they have to be maintained regularly. Is this something that your business actually needs or is it an expense you can do without.

How Important is Cleaning to Your Business?

In an office where the bulk of the work is on computers and paper, cleaning is a secondary issue. However, in a restaurant setting, car wash, or any business that does laundry on a large scale, cleanliness is one of the backbones of the business.

Using hard water when cleaning can have a number of undesirable effects. These include:

  • Hard water stains on cleaned surfaces

  • Increased use of soaps and detergents

  • Stains on glassware and cutlery

Stains don't mean that something is unclean but that makes little difference to customers. Therefore, you should use a softener if any kind of stain is unacceptable in your business.

How Often Do You Call a Plumber?

Hard water is a major problem for many types of pipes. Although some pipes are a little less susceptible to the buildup of scale caused by hard water, it's still going to be a problem at some point.

Scale buildup will mean clogged or blocked pipes at some point. Dealing with such problems can be expensive after some time. In a business, you can't risk clogged pipes, especially in a restaurant type business. If you feel the plumbing bills are no longer worth it, buy a softener instead.

Do You Use Appliances that Use Water?

Hard water is also a problem for appliances such as washers, dishwashers and high-pressure washers. Although there is the initial problem of stains being left on clothes, glassware and cutlery, there is also the issue of how hard water affects the lifespan of such appliances.

The deposits that hard water leaves inside pipes are also a problem in appliances. The calcium and magnesium deposits can cause an increase in the rate of wear of these appliances and make them less effective. Eventually, these appliances will break down, requiring either expensive repairs or replacement. If you use such appliances, you need a softener.

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