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Tips To Use Fabric To Make Your Bedroom Suite A More Relaxing And Comfortable Space

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Your bedroom is an important part of your sleep schedule and morning routine and should be an oasis free of stress and the outside world. There are some ways you can boost the serenity and comfort of your bedroom suite by adding fabric to areas within the bedroom and bathroom. Here are some ways to make your master suite more relaxing and comfortable with fabric.

Add the Right Seasonal Fabric Bedding

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom and also the place where you spend approximately one-third of your life sleeping and rejuvenating your body and mind. For this reason it is important to make it as comfortable as possible all year long. Choose a bedding set made of smooth cotton for hot summer nights and warm flannel for cold winter nights.

The sheets and bedding of your bed may be in a relaxing color or combination of colors to promote restfulness. For example, white and gray marbled bedding fabrics can create a calm feeling and go well with a number of color schemes. Or you can select a solid pastel or darker color for your sheets, comforter, pillowcases, and shams.

Use Draperies

Draperies are an elegant way to add color to your bedroom to set the tone and to also add privacy to your windows. But did you know fabrics hung in your windows and on the walls can keep your room better insulated against outside weather and sounds. The layer of fabric added onto the walls creates an insulation layer to reduce echoes and noises in the room.

You can hang fabric curtains along your walls and windows by installing and using curtain rods. Hang the curtain rods at the top of your walls in the room where you want the curtains to hang, such as along the walls and behind the head of your bed to create a headboard. You can also surround your bed with hanging curtains to create a curtained canopy bed.

Place Rugs

If you have a bedroom that has hardwood floors or other solid surface flooring installed, will need rugs to add fabrics to the floor to help reduce noises in the room. Because a rug is made of natural or synthetic fibers, the fibers trap air within its layers to help keep your room more quiet and warmer in winter. Place rugs around the room in places where you frequently walk, or add a large area rug that covers a majority of the entire room.