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4 Methods Of Mice Extermination

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Mice can bite children and pets. They can also carry disease. If you find mice in your house or yard, you should take the threat seriously. An exterminator can get rid of rodents for you using a variety of methods. Here are four ways a pest control service can eliminate your mouse problem:

1. Glue Traps

Glue traps are a safe and effective way to dispose of mice. Your exterminator will place glue traps in places where mice are likely to walk. Kitchens are a common site of mice infestation. When mice run across the sticky surface of a glue trap, the adhesive holds them fast. Mice will not be able to get themselves free of glue traps, which means they can be safely disposed of.

2. Snap Traps

Snap traps are another option for mouse extermination. Unlike glue traps, which can leave mice alive for some time, snap traps usually kill rodents instantly. Your snap traps will be baited with peanut butter or any other substance that's attractive to mice. When a mouse walks over the trap's trigger, it will snap closed. The force of this snap will instantly kill rodents. Your mouse exterminator will inspect your traps periodically; they will remove full traps and replace them until your mouse problem is eradicated.

3. Rodent Bait

Rodent bait is another effective way to kill unwanted mice. Rodent bait usually comes sealed in a plastic box with an opening large enough for mice to crawl in. The bait inside the box is poisoned, so mice that eat it will expire. Your exterminator will determine the best type of bait for your situation. Bait traps are ideal for anyone who doesn't own pets. Curious dogs and cats may get into rodent bait and become sick, so this type of trap is usually contraindicated for pet owners.

4. Preventative Measures

In addition to providing traps to get rid of existing mice infestations, an exterminator will also help you take the appropriate preventative measures. Sealing all your food away can disincentivize mice from moving into your home. You should also deal with leaking pipes since water sources can attract mice. Make sure there are no places where mice can sneak into your home. Mice are very small and flexible, which means they can crawl through even very tiny holes. A mice exterminator can help you find these points of entry so you can seal them up.

For more information, reach out to mice extermination services in your area.