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Three Tips For Giving Your Miami Dining Room A Unique Coastal Look

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Living in Miami gives you the perfect excuse to give your home a coastal theme. Adding this touch to your dining room can make the space feel more open and airy while matching the unique climate of your neighborhood. As you visit furniture stores and showrooms in your area, keep the following tips and ideas in mind to create your ultimate coastal dining room.

Go For Light Tones

When choosing the table and chairs for your dining room, consider light tones instead of darker wood finishes. Crisp white furniture captures the airy seaside vibe, while weathered light wood finishes add a touch of rustic beach charm. You can choose a single color for the table and chairs, but you might also want to consider mixing and matching finishes. For example, a light poplar or pine table paired with white chairs can create a striking contrast and give the dining room a perfect focal point. Of course, you can also play with other hues, including gray and beige to achieve your ideal design aesthetic.

Accessorize With Bold Hues

A pop of bright color can channel the Miami vibe for your dining room, so you don't have to stick only to light and neutral hues to achieve your coastal decor theme. Consider a china hutch with plantation-style shutter doors in a vibrant teal or deep pink to add a perfect finishing touch. When visiting furniture stores in Miami, look for single pieces in vivid hues that complement your choice of tables and chairs. You can also introduce bright colors with a large rug placed under the table or with decorative vases and placemats. Get creative with the way you want to accent your coastal theme by adding a lighting fixture with a colorful glass shade to illuminate the room.

Look For Lush Greenery

Mixing traditional coastal charm with a Miami theme is easy when you add lush greenery to the dining room. If you aren't adept at keeping houseplants alive, consider looking for artificial greenery as you shop various furniture showrooms in the area. Potted palm trees or ferns stashed in the corners deliver a touch of tropical style to accent your coastal decor. You can also add a series of wall shelves to the room, filling them with smaller potted plants. Artificial African violets add a burst of beautiful color, and silk birds of paradise make stunning focal points in your dining room. Consider a mix of sizes and plant types to make the room look as though it's alive with verdant leaves and vibrant petals.

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