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How To Properly Lay Mulch In Your Yard

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Mulch gives your yard and your garden beds that little extra that you've been looking for. Mulch can add definition to your yard and can offer some decorative elements as well. If you have a beautiful yard but are just looking to add something more, you should consider adding garden beds to your yard or around your trees that are filled with mulch. Adding mulch needs to be done properly though, in order to prevent weeds from taking over and to lengthen the life of your mulch as well. Read on for directions on how to properly lay mulch in your yard.

Measure Out The Area

Figure out the areas in which you want to add the mulch in your yard. If you are going around trees, mark these areas with a can of spray paint. If you are adding flower beds near your house, or around your home, use the can of spray paint to mark where you want these areas to go. Take some measurements to be sure how much mulch you will need later down the road as well. You're going to need more mulch depending on the size of your garden beds.

Start Digging Out The Dirt/Grass

You want to remove the grass and dirt from the areas where you want the mulch to be. If you are planning on having raised flower beds, you can skip this step, but if you want them level with the rest of your grass, you will want to dig out and remove the dirt and grass from these areas and level it all out with a shovel and a tamper. Taking out the grass can help prevent it from growing up through the mulch later.

Lay Out Fabric

After you have the garden beds leveled, you are going to want to lay down a fabric barrier to protect the mulch from having weeds grow through it. This is a task that you may want to use more than one person. Use the stakes that come with the fabric barrier to stake down the fabric into the ground to prevent it from moving or blowing around while you work. You want to cover the entire area to protect against invading weeds or grass.

Start Adding Mulch

Once your fabric barrier is in place, you can begin tossing in the mulch. Mulch can be purchased in bulk, or you can buy it in bags. There are a number of different colors of mulch to choose from; choose the color that is best for you and your decorative taste, and begin shoveling it in place. You want a pretty thick layer of mulch to prevent seeing the fabric below. Usually a couple of inches thick is enough, but you can add more if you want more. Spread it around using a garden rake, or you can use your hands to spread it evenly.

If you are looking to add mulch to your yard to enhance the beauty and add other elements to your yard, mulch is the way to go.