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5 Factors That Impact Your Flooring Selection

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Upgrading your flooring can give your home a facelift, but you want to ensure you make the right choice when it comes to materials and style.

1. Traffic Level

Consider the traffic patterns through your home when selecting a flooring option. In areas with minimal traffic, a light color carpet may be just the thing, while in higher traffic areas, a sturdy dark-patterned carpet or hard flooring may be a better choice. Tile and laminates stand up well to heavy foot traffic, such as in entryways, where wood may suffer wear patterns or carpet may become stained.

2. Moisture Exposure

Some parts of the home are exposed to moisture and water more so than others. In these rooms, a hard flooring option that isn't prone to moisture damage is preferred. This is why you typically see porcelain tile or vinyl flooring in bathrooms and kitchens, while the hardwoods and carpets are reserved for use in the living room or bedrooms. 

3. Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance requirements for flooring can vary greatly, so consider how much time you are willing to put in on basic care. Laminate and vinyl, for example, require little more than regular sweeping and mopping. Tile floors may only require the same, or you may have to occasionally have the grout cleaned, depending on its color and whether it's sealed. Wood floors will require periodic waxing and conditioning, and they may need to be refinished occasionally. Carpets require frequent vacuuming and annual shampooing, as well as spot stain treatments.

4. Damage Resistance

Will your floors be subjected to more than the usual amount of wear and tear? For example, if you have pets you may be concerned about nail gouges in hardwood or softer vinyls and laminates. Tile or carpet may be better. In homes with young children, stain worries are a major concern, so hard flooring or stain-resistant carpeting makes a better option when it comes to resisting damages.

5. Design Adaptability

It can be fun to play with colors and designs, but if you redecorate often, you may want to choose a flooring that can evolve with your changing style choices. Avoid tiles that are adorned with trendy motifs, for example, as they may become dated. Instead, look for classic or neutral options when it comes to colors or designs in whichever type of flooring that you choose. 

Contact a flooring installer to learn about all of the wonderful options that are available.