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4 Essential Oils That Support Strong Feminine Energy

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As a woman, the feeling of truly coming into your own feminine energy is unbeatable. You feel like the strongest, most empowered version of yourself — like you can conquer it all. Some women are lucky enough to find this energy easily, but many struggle to fully embrace it. If you'd like to fully feel your feminine energy, essential oils can help. Here are four such essential oils that are known for supporting strong feminine energy.


Cedarwood essential oil has an earthy, natural aroma that will help you feel like you're one with the planet. And that is where your feminine energy really arises from! In a way, you are Mother Nature, in her most conscious, human form. Cedarwood essential oil is wonderful for creating a feeling of belonging and community, which is something many women cherish. It can also open your heart to love, helping you be a strong, feminine support structure for those around you.

Clary Sage

Clary sage has long been known as the essential oil that brings mental openness and clarity. If you've been struggling with big decisions, or with sharing your feelings, clary sage essential oil is a lovely choice. It has a scent that can only be described as feminine, too, so you can wear it out in public without feeling worried or self-conscious.


Geranium essential oil is known as the essential oil of love. If you're in a new relationship and striving to take a more feminine role in that relationship, then geranium essential oil is a good one to try. It is also said to help promote feelings of forgiveness and of sharing. As such, it can also be a good essential oil for women who are trying to reconnect with past lovers or heal a challenging relationship.


Rose essential oil is the essential oil of the divinely feminine. It will allow you to step into your full beauty, inside and out, as a woman. The scent of rose is also very relaxing, so this is a good essential oil to use before intimate moments or encounters. Rose will help you connect with and open your soul to one who is deserving.

Each of the essential oils above has something unique to offer. Feel free to try them all, and see which oil or oils you like best.

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